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Salma's World

Salma's World (2020) Starring Salma Kassis (2020) Creative Direction + Photography by Michael Henriquez


It’s pink, it’s plushy and shiny… it’s Salma’s world and we’re all just living in it. Salma’s World is heavily inspired by Nicki Minaj’s iconic Monster verse, “Pink wig, thick a** I give ‘em whiplash, I think big, get cash, make ‘em blink fast.” The objective of this project was to explore beauty and glamor through one color, various elements of fortune and heavily saturated hues of pink.

money shoe
bands on the floor
fur train

Keynotes + Sketches

Salma’s World was creatively directed and photographed by me with a single assistant on set to assist with wardrobe and set touch up. This was my first large project that existed outside of the classroom. My client Salma and I spent 6 weeks discussing inspirations, sewing + collectecting wardrobe, hair + makeup, as well as spending one on one time with her to discuss poses, facial expressions and camera shots + angles.

Salmas World Sketch 1
Salmas World Sketch 2
Salmas World Sketch 3
Salma's World Research
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