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Astrological Identification Card

Astrological Identification Card (2021)  Designed by Michael Henriquez

What’s your sign? The Astrological Identification Card displays your astrological information: sun, moon, rising sign, birth time and other attributes related to your zodiac sign. The use of this card is to present it when a conversation surrounding astrology occurs.  This project was constructed around the Navy Seal identification cards. The Astrological Identification Card is a humorous approach towards zodiac stereotypes and the importance of identification within society.

Astrological Identifiation Card.png

Keynotes + Sketches

The Astrological Identification Card was inspired by Co-star, which is a mobile app tracking your astrological information. I pondered on the idea of seeing our astrological information in a tangible form. I did some cross research studying real forms of identifications and silly diva-esc Disney Channel identification cards. Furthermore, a hobby of mine is dabbling into astrology and spirituality. I believe the stars of the universe do tell a story about our character. 

I had a great time designing Postcards from the Past! Those postcards allowed me to explore out of the obsession I had with minimalism; a lot of negative space, sleek san serifs and no texture. I wanted to explore tangibility and textures with this identification card. I felt invited to revisit the process I had for the postcards. I am practicing the skill of versatility by allowing my designs to live outside of my comfort zone. I avoided texture while studying at community college.

I aim to spend time exploring how design can take many forms, studying adaptability and versatility.

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