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Sketchbook; Notes, Ideas, and Sketches (2020, 2021)  by Michael Henriquez

The most vital part of creating is not only the final product but the construction that occurs beforehand. Over the years of working towards refining my design process and skills I fell in love with the construction of many projects. I admire the raw collection of research, themes and thoughts because they enhance the opportunity to create, organize and expand creativity further. 

Sketchbook highlights the process that occurs before designing. I gathered project sketches I had an amazing time developing concepts for but sadly never came into fruition. 

"The future isn't something you wait for, it's something you make. If you hear the music, make that muisc. If you want to dance, dance. Plenty of voices telling you what not to do but there is one voice pointing you forward. Listen to that voice, hold onto it and make your future." 



Regloss; Glossier Recycling Program 

 conceptualized by Michael Henriquez

Regloss is Glossier's reduce, reuse, and recycle program for a skin-clean tomorrow. The focus of this project was to create a solution to reduce waste, pollution, and packaging.


Regloss offers the opportunity to replace only the product and not the entire package. It is a large machine that users could access to have the opportunity to replace the product in the empty container or recycle the package as a whole. The machine will receive the product, clean it, and refill it. Walah! Brand new! The best part of this experience is being able to watch the entire process.


Writing Wrongs: I. We. Us: 

 conceptualized by Michael Henriquez

Writing Wrongs is a student ran journalism program that discusses social inequality topics in our society. For the summer 2021 magazine the topic of discussion was racism. This team included 12 journalist and 1 lead designer, me. 

The pitch for the 2021 publication was I. We . Us. The publication would be a three part reading that discuss personal vulnerability, stories of others, and a call to action on racism. The presentation presents a concept and design for the publication.

Writing Wrongs was cancelled due to the COVID - 19 pandemic. 

I. We. Us.


During my design process I am always testing new ways design can communicates with the audience. An important factor of my design process are artists, designers, and musicians who inspire me to strive for more. I strive to be adaptable by honing the ability to meet design objectives based on needs, wants and aesthetics. I take the risk to challenge myself to be explorative; to seek new ideas, softwares and untraditional approaches as well as taking the audience on an exploration. I allow my passion for design to build determination to embrace failure and problem solving towards my goals.

A main driving force while creating is the sensation of inspiration. Music fuels the visions I see, feel, and hear. My studio turns into a ballroom during my creative process. This allows me to envision a world, a portal, a fantasy... I dance, I scream, I laugh, and most importantly, I live. 


I live through my design.

my design process

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