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Leche Del Corazón

Leche Del Corazón (2021) Starring Raymond Garcia, Designed by Michael Henriquez

If you’re feeling thirsty, Leche Del Corazón invites you to have a nice glass of human milk infused with male heart plasma. Inspired by the importance of taking care of yourself in the midst of an emotional heartbreak. If you can’t have a man, why not drink one? 

It was Valentine's Day and it all started with a crush and a ROSALÍA lyric “Y es la única que me llegaste hasta al corazón”

(La Noche De Anoche - Bad Bunny, ROSALÍA). I was inspired to construct a dramatic concept of being able to acquire the benefits of of being in love.


Keynotes + Sketches

I  spent my whole life designing, thinking and creating in the English. I was disconnected with my heritage as a Chilenx for a very long time; not really diving into latinx pop-culture or literature. The rise of Bad Bunny in mainstream media reconnected me with my childhood and heritage. His music reminds me of long car rides to New York with beats that blow your speakers. In 2020, I started noticing I haven't created many projects in my native language; I wasn't thinking, conceptualizing and allowing my design life to live in Spanish. I took my heartache and my awakening to design in Spanish and created Leche Del Corazón

I created this project to celebrate Valentine's day. I thought of the romantic packaging that is seen during this holiday. The isles overflowing with red plastic boxes that glisten next to fluffy bears; all so gushy and soft. As a hopeless romantic, I wanted to take the humorous approach of packaging a product that fulfills the satisfaction and nutrients of being in love.

I added a sense of gore with a real heart on the box to showcase what the product ingredient is but also the fragility of love.

La Noche De Anoche (Bad Bunny, ROSALÍA)

“Y es la única que me llegaste hasta al corazón"

"And you're the only one who made it to my heart"

Leche Notes
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