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Humbler, 2022


Humbler is a medicine founded in 2022 with one sole mission; to humble those in need of humbling. In troubling times, the world needs compassion, love, community and efforts for a better tomorrow. Social and class divides create barriers from coming together. To change the world we must change the people in it.


Humbler is a candy call for peace in any heated situation. In the flux of anger, debate and confusion the tongue can run wild which leads to the destruction of a relationship. Humility is the heart of a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow starts with compassion and respect, even when we're playing opposing teams. The heart of humility is accepting your mistakes and learning from them.


  • Humility

  • Me V.S. We

  • Comical, yet serious

  • Jarring


"Out of the overflow of the heart,

my mouth speaks"

Luke 6:45

"Rich bitch cold I got a rich bitch cough. Rich bitch want it, I'll go rich bitch off"

Nicki Minaj Boss Ass Bitch (with PTAF) - Remix

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