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SYRO Internship, 2022 - 2023

SYRO is a footwear company creating femme footwear for everyone. As a graphic design intern, I assist on designing side projects and leading bi-weekly brain storming sessions. SYRO’s artistic direction rejects soceital norms with the use of fashion, humor and attitude.


GAY IS HAPPY Sticker Set, 2022

FEM TOP Sticker Set, 2023

SYRO utilizes stickers to spread a message. They use their mission mantra D.R.E.S.S. (Dismantle, Revolt, Eradicate, Subvert Systems) to disrupt the public with awareness with laughter. 

Before SYRO hired me as a design intern their stickers embraced typography rather than illustration. My first project was to create a sticker that will be released with their Fall 2022 drop (Black TR-XL and pink TR Deserts, Modeled by the stick figures).

“It’s not about the shoes you wear, it’s about the life you lead in those shoes.”

Based on Diana Vreeland quote

CUNT Craft, 2022

I lead the design initiative for the craft paper wrapping the leather stir-up accessory. The craft paper was designed to be a two-in-one touch point: wrap the product + poster of the product. Approximately 15 different varitions were drafted before reaching our final print.

Cunt (adj) - subversed term used to describe something as impressive or fantastic in regard to style or demeanor​

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