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La Vida de Luz (The Life of Light), 2022

"Human life starts with a ray of light. Light through the womb, from womb to the light. As we gasp for our first breath, we experience the start of our being. Before our eyes shift into focus, before the first memory that we do not remember, before we witness the tears of our Mother, in joy of our arrival, we first see the light, then what comes after is Life." 

La Vida de Luz (The Life of Light) is a booklet articulating and admiring the life of Light and how Light is living. This project was inspired by The Materialization of Light. The reading discusses materializing Light as a tool to create. La Vida de Luz follows the same idea but not through the theme of what can Light do for me but what can Light do to me. The life of Light is viewed through three themes: identity, emotions, and color and how those themes create the power of life. 


La vida de Luz explores my personal relationship I have with Light. I developed a conceptual graph demonstrating how Light is living through multiple layers creating life. I was inspired to write a narrative for Light being a living source, a practice and a God. I challenged the thought of a Bible being "untouchable" (similar to light) and introduced multiple voices into the booklet.


  • Virtue

  • Sin 

  • Embracing multiple voices

  • The untouched has been touched


"Are you man? Are you woman? What are you?"

"My love, I am a beam of light."

La Veneno

"Pero hoy salió el sol y me siento mejor"

"But today the sun came out and I feel better."

Bad Bunny, Antes Que se Acabe

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