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What do you see?, 2021

Gif on website canvas




I wanted to take a moment to introduce the concept within PRESENTED BY MICHAEL and how my website came to be. My portfolio is a project that contains many other projects within. I wanted my website to be a place I could personally hang out in. A showcase space where my design can been seen by the world. While brainstorming I took a trip to the MoMA. I stumbled across a painting that grew to be my favorite, Blue Monochrome by Yves Klein. Klein describes this piece of work as an “open window to freedom, as the possibility of being immersed in the immeasurable existence of color.” The painting is solely blue but I saw many other colors flash in front of my eyes. The painting serves a portal into another world, right here in the middle of New York City. I thought about how I was in the middle of a museum and how I would love to have my own then it all came to me.

PRESENTED BY MICHAEL is a museum that has a gallery of assets that serves as a quick preview before you enter each "exhibition". This portfolio project is inspired by Blue Monochrome, portals to freedom, bright colors, old fashion web design and the opportunity to see how colors and designs dance on top of white and black spaces. The gradient box is the portal to my many creations and an open window to the many things I see.


I see love. I see people on fire and girls glimmering in bright white sparkles. I see a world that is more fun than serious. Sometimes I see myself levitating. And sometimes I see nothing and that's the magic of it all.


What do you see?


Thank you for being here.

Remember to fight for your world. If you can't find what you're looking for, create it. If you don't create your own world, someone will and that's bullsh*t. 


Stay focused, take breaks and breathe.

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